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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 29

1 ! The Prophet exhorteth the princes and rulers of the worlde, (which for the moste pare think there is not God)

1 a He exhorteth the proude tyrants to humble them selues vnder Gods hand, and not to be inferiour to brute beasts & dume creatures.

3 ! At the least to feare him for the thunders & tempestes for feare whereof all creatures tremble.

3 b The thunder clappes, that are heard out of the couldes, oght to make the wicked to tremble for feare of Gods angre.

5 c That is, the thunderbolte breaketh the moste strong trees, and shal men thinke their power to be able to resist God?

8 f In places most desolate, where as semeth there is no presence of God.

9 h Maketh the trees bare, or perceth the most secret places.

9 i Thogh the wicked are nothing moued with these sights, yet the faithful praise God.

10 k To moderat the rage of the tempest & waters, that they destroy not all.

11 ! And thoght thereby God threateneth sinners, yet is he alwaies merciful to his & moueth them thereby to praise his Name.