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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 16

1 a He sheweth that we can not call vpon God, except we trust in him.

1 / Or, a certeine tune.

1 ! Dauid prayeth to God for succour, not for his workes, but for his faiths sake.

2 b Thogh we can not enriche God, yet we must bestowe Gods gifts to the vse of his children.

4 d He wolde nether by outwarde prosession nor in heart nor in mouth consent to their idolatries.

4 ! Protesting that he hathe all idolatrie, taking God onelie for his comfort and felicitie

4 c As grief of conscience & miserable destuction.

7 f God teacheth me continually by secret inspiracion.

8 g The faithful are sure to perseuere to the end.

8 ! Who suffreth his to lacke nothing.

9 h That is, I rejoyce bothe in bodie & in soule.

10 i This is chiefly ment of Christ, by whose resurrection all his members haue immortalitie.

11 k Where God fauoreth, there is perfite felicitie.