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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 17

1 ! Here he complaineth to God of the cruel pride and orrogancie of Saul, and the rest of his enemies, who thus raged without anie cause giuen on his parte.

2 b The vengeance that you shalt shewe against mine enemies.

3 d I was innocent towarde mine enemie bothe in dede and thoght.

4 e Thogh the wicked prouoked me to do euil for euil, yet thy worde kept me backe.

6 ! Therefore he desireth God to reuenge his innocencie, and deliuer him.

7 g For all rebel against thee, which trouble thy Churche.

9 h For their crueltie can not be satisfied but with my death.

10 i Thei are puft vp with pride, as the stomake that is choked with fat.

13 k Stop his rage.

14 / Or, whose tyrannie hathe to long endured.

14 m And fele not the smart that Gods children oftimes do.

15 n This is the ful felicitie, comforting against all assalttes, to haue the face of God & fauorable countenance opened vnto vs.

15 o And am deliuered out of my great troubles.