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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 3

1 a This was a token of his stable faith, that for all his troubles he had his recours to God.

1 ! Dauid driuen forthe of his kingdome, was greatly tormented in minde for his sinnes against God.

2 b Selah here signifieth a lifting vp of the voyce, to cause vs to consider the sentence, as a thing of great importance.

4 ! And therefore calleth vpon God, & waxeth bolde through his promeses against the great railings and terrors of his enemies, yea, against death itself, which he sawe present before his eyes.

6 c When he considered the trueth of Gods promes, and tried the same, his faith increased maruelously.

7 ! Finally he rejoyceth for the good successe, that God gaue him, and all the Church.

8 d Be the dangers neuer so great or manie, yet God hathe euer meanes to deliuer his.