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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 42

2 a No thought so secret, but thou doest se it, nor anie thing that you thinkest, but thou canst bring it to passe.

3 b Is there anie but I? for this God laid to his charge, {Chap. 38,2}

3 c I confesse herein mine ignorance, and that I spake I wist not what.

4 d He sheweth that he wil be Gods scholer to learn of him.

5 e I knowe thee onely before by hearesay: but now thou hast caused me to fele what you art to me, that I may resigne my self ouer vnto thee.

7 f You toke in hand an euil cause in that you condemned him by his outward afflictions and not comforted him with my mercies.

8 h When you haue reconciled your selues to him for the fautes that you haue committed against him, he shal pray for you, & I wil heare him.

10 i He deliuered him out of the affliction wherein he was.

11 / Or, lambe, or money so marked.

12 l God made him twise so riche in cattel as he was afore, & gaue him as manie children, as he had taken from him.

14 m That is, of long life, or beautiful as the day.

14 n As pleasant as caffia, or swete spice.

14 o That is, the horne of beautie.