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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 11

2 a Shulde he persuade by his great talke, that he is juste?

4 b He chargeth Job with this, that he shulde say, that the thing, which he spake, ws true, and that he was without sinne in the sight of God.

6 c Which is, not to stand in justifying of thy self: he signifieth that man wil neuer be ouercome, whiles he reasoneth with another, and therefore God must breake of the controuersie, and stop mans mouth.

8 d That is, this perfection of God & man be not able to comprehend the height of the heauen the depth of hel, the length of the earth, the breadth of the sea, which are but creatures: how can he atteine to the perfection of the Creator?

10 e If God shulde turne the state of things, and establish a newe ordre in nature, who colde controle him?

12 f That is, without vnderstanding: so that whatsoeuer gifts he hathe afterwarde, come of God and not of nature.

14 h Renounce thin owne euil workes, and se that they offend not God, ouer whome thou hast charge.

14 ! He is merciful to the repentant.

15 i He declareth what quietnes of conscience and successe in all things suche shal haue, which turne to God by true repentance.

20 k He sheweth that contrarie things shal come vnto them that do not repent.