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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 8

1 ! After the death of Maman was Mordecai exalted.

1 a That is, was receiued into the Kings fauour and presence.

1 b That he was her vncle and had broght her vp.

3 c Meaning, that he shulde abolish the wicked decrees, which he had made for the destruction of the Jewes.

8 e This was the lawe of the Medes & persians as {Dan. 6,15}: not withstanding the King reuoked the former decree granted to Haman, for Esters sake.

9 f Which conteineth parte of May and parte of June.

9 g That is, in suche letters & language, as was vsial in euerie prouince.

11 h That is, to defend them selues against all that wolde assaile them.

12 i Which hath parte of Februarie & part of Marche.

13 k The King gaue them libertie to kill all that did oppresse them.

14 ! Comfortable lettres are sent vnto the Jewes.

16 l He sheweth by these wordes that follow what this light was.

17 m Conformed them selues to the Jewes religion.