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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 9

1 a This was by Gods great prouidence, who turneth the joye of the wicked into sorow, & the teares of the godlie into gladnes.

1 ! At the commandement of the King the Jewes put their aduersaries to death.

5 c Which had conspired their death by the permission of the wicked Haman.

6 d Besides those thre hundreth, that they slewe the seconde day, as {vers. 15}

10 e Whereby they declared, that this was Gods just judgement vpon the enemies of his Church, forasmuche as they soght not their owne gaine, but to execute his vengeance.

13 f This she requireth not for desire of vengeance, but with zeale to se Gods judgements executed against his enemies.

16 h Meaning, that they laide handes on none, that were not the enemies of God.

17 ! The Jewes kepe a feast in remembrance of their deliuerance.

19 k As the Jewes do, euen to this day, calling it in the Persians language Purim, that is the day of lots.

20 l The Jewes gather hereof that Mordecai wrote this storie, but it semeth that he wrote but onely these letters, and decrees that followe.

22 m He setteth before our ieis the vse of this feast, which was for the remembrance of Gods deliuerance, the maintenance of mutual friendship, and relief of the poore.

25 p These are the wordes of the Kings commandement to disanull Hamans wicked enterprise.

27 q Meaning the fourtente, and the fiftente day of the moneth Adar.

27 / Or, transgresse.

30 r Which were letters declaring vnto them quietnes, and assurance, and putting them out of doute, and feare.

31 s That they wolde obserue this feast with fasting, & earnes prayer, which is Ebrewe is signified by this worde (their crye.)