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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 6

1 ! The King turneth ouer the chronicles, and findeth the fidelitie of Mordecai.

1 / Ebr. the Kings slepe departed.

3 a For he thoght it vnworthie his estate to receiue a benefite, & not reward it.

4 b Thus, while the wicked imagine the destruction of others, thei them selues fall into he same pit.

8 e Meaning hereby, that the King shulde make him next vnto him self, as Joseph hereby was knowen to be next to Pharaoh, {Gen 41,42}

10 ! And commandeth Harman, to cause Mordecai to be had in honour.

13 d Thus God sometime putteth in the mouthe of the very wicked, to speake that thing, which he hathe decreed shal come to passe.