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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Esther 5

1 ! Ester entreth in the King, and biddeth him and Haman to a feast.

1 a To wit, after that the Jewes had begonne to fast.

2 b Which was a signe that her comming was agreable vnto him, as {Chap. 4,11}

3 c Meaning hereby, that whatsoeuer she asked, shuld be granted, as {Mat. 6,23}.

6 d Because thei vsed to drinke excessiuely in their bankets, they called the banket by the name of that, which was moste in vse or estemed.

11 f Thus the wicked when thei are promoted, in stead of acknowledging their charge & humbling them selues, waxe ambitious disdainful and cruel.

11 ! Haman prepareth a galous for Mordecai.