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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 13

3 a That is, all suche, which had joyned in vnlawful mariage, and also those, with whome God had forbidden them to haue societie.

3 ! The Law is red.

4 c He was joined in affinitie with Tobiah the Amonite, and enemie of the Jewes.

6 / Or, at the yeres end.

7 e Thus we se to what inconueniences the people fall into, when they are destitute of one that hathe the fear of God, seing that their chief gouernour was but awhile absent, and yet they fel into suche great absurdities: as appeareth also, {Exo. 32,1}

14 f He protecth that he did his duetie with a good conscience, yet he dothe not justifie him selfe herein, but desireth God to fauour him, and to be merciful vnto him for his owne goodnes sake, as {verse 22}

15 g I declared vnto them, that God wolde not suffer suche transgressours of his Law to be vnpunished.

15 ! Nehemiah reproueth them that breake the Sabbath.

18 h Was not this a great causee, why God plagued vs in times past? meaning, that if they transgressed now in the same againe, their plague shulde be greater.

19 i About the time that the sunne went downe: for the Sabbath lasted from the sunne going downe of the one day, to the sunne setting of the other.

22 k Meaning, of the Temple that none, that was vncleane, shulde entre.

23 l Which was a citie of the Philistims, & they had maried wiues thereof, and so had corrupted their speache, and religion.

25 m That is, I did excommunicate them, & driue them out of the Congregacion.

29 n Punish them according to their faute, & euil example, which they haue giuen to the rest of thy people, contrarie to their vocation.