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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Nehemiah 12

7 b Next in dignitie to the hie Priests, and which were of the stocke of Aaron.

8 ! The Priests and Leuites, which came with Zerubbabel vnto Jerusalem, are nombred.

8 c Had charge of them that sang the Psalmes.

9 d They kept their wardes and watches according to their turnes, as {1 Chr. 23,6}

12 e That is, next to Seraiah, or rather of that ordre, which was called after the name of Seraiah.

24 g That is, one after another, and euerie one in his course.

28 h Which were a certeine famile & had their possessions in the fields, {1Chro. 2,54}

37 l Which was the going vp to the mount Zion, which is called the citie of Dauid.

44 m Which were chambers appointed by Hezekiah to put in the tithes, and suche things, {2 Chro. 3,11}, and now were repared againe for the same vse.