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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 10

1 a He confessed his sinnes and the sinnes of the people.

1 ! The people repent and turne, and put away their strange wiues.

2 b Meaning, that God wolde receiue them to mercie.

3 c Which are strangers and maried contrary to the Law of God.

4 d Because God hathe giuen thee autoritie, & learning to persuade the people herein and to commande them.

9 e Which conteined part of Nouember & parte of December.

9 f For the season was giuen to raine, & so the wether was more sharpe & colde, and also their conscience touched them.

14 i Let them be appointed to examine this matter.

16 k Thei were to the chief cities to sit on this matter which was thre moneths in finishing.

19 l As a token that their wolde kepe promes & do it.

25 m Meaning, of the commune people: for before he spake of the Priests & Leuites.

44 n Which also were made illegitimate because the mariage was vnlawful.