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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 9

1 ! Ezra complaineth on the people that had turned them selues from God, and maryed with the Gentiles.

1 a From the time they came home vnder Zerubbabel vntil the comming of Ezra, they had degenerate contrary to the Lawe of God, and maried where it was not lawful, {Deu. 7,3}

2 b That is, the gouerners are the chief beginners hereof.

3 c As one douting whether God wolde continue his benefites toward vs or els destroy this which he had begone.

6 e That so excede that their can not growe greater.

6 d That is, we are drowned in sinne.

8 f In giuing vs a resting place it is a similitude taken of them that remaine stil in a place, which smite nailes to hang things vpon, {Isa. 22,23}

13 g Hast not vtterly cast vs downe and destroied vs for our sinnes, {Deu. 28,13}

15 h He sheweth that God is juste in punishing his people, & yet merciful in reseruing a residue to whome he sheweth fauour.