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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 1

2 a That is, he proclaimed a solemne sacrifice, and commanded that all shulde be at the same.

3 c So called, because that God thereby shewed certeine signes to the congregacion of his presence.

3 b Read {1 King. 3,4}

5 d Which was for the burnt offrings, {Exod. 27,1}

9 e Performe thy promes made to my father concerning me.

10 f That I may gouerne this people, read {1 Chro. 27,3}

11 ! Which he giueth him and more.

14 h Which were cities appointed to kepe & mainteine the charets.

14 ! The nomber of his harets and horses,

15 i He caused so great plentie that it was no more estemed then stones.