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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 29

1 a And therefore it oght to be excellent in all pointes.

2 ! The offring of Dauid and of the princes for the buylding of the Temple

2 b His great zeale toward the furtherance of the Temple made him to spare no expenses, but to bestowe his owne peculiar treasure.

4 c He sheweth what he had of his owne store for the Lords house.

5 d He was not onely liberal him selfe, but prouoked others, to set forthe the worke of God.

5 / Or, to offer.

9 f That is, with a good courage & without hypocrisie.

10 g Which did reueile thy selfe to our father Jaakob.

14 h We gaue thee nothing our owne, but that which we haue receiued of thee: for whether the gifts be corporal or spiritual, we receiue them all of God, and therefore must giue him the glorie.

15 i And therefore haue this land but lent to vs for a time.

18 k Continue then in this good minde, that they may serue thee willingly.

20 l That is, did reuerence to the King

21 m Meaning, all kinde of licour which they mingled, with their sacrifices, as wine, oyle, &c.

23 n This declareth that the Kings of Judah were figures of Christ, who was the true annointed, & to whome God, gaue the chief gouernment of all things.

28 ! Dauid dyeth, and Salmon his sonne reigneth in his steade.

29 o The bokes of Nathan & Gad are thoght to haue bene lost in the captiuitie.