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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 28

3 ! Dauide was forbidden to buyldeth the Temple, he willeth Salomon and the people to performe it.

4 b According to the prophecie of Jaakob, {Gen. 49,8}

7 c If he continue to kepe my Lawe and departe not therefrom as he doeth hitherto.

8 e He declareth that nothing can separat them from the commoditie of this land bothe for them selues & their postertie, but their sinnes & iniquitie.

8 d To wit, of Canaan.

10 g Put it in execucion.

15 h That is the ten candlesticks, {1King 7,49}

18 l Meaning, of the merciseat which couered the Arke, which was called the charet because the Lord declared himselfe there.

19 k For all this was left in writing in the boke of the Lawe {Exod. 5,40} wich boke the King was bounde to put in execucion, {Deut. 17,19}

21 l That is euerie one wil be ready to helpe thee with those gifts that God hate giuen him.

21 / Ebr. at all thy wordes.