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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 15

1 a That was in the place of the citie called Zion, {2 Sam. 5,8}

1 ! Dauid prepareth an hoste for the Arke,

8 c Who was the sonne of Vzziel, the fourte sonne of Kohath, {Exod. 6,21}, & {Nomb. 3,30}.

12 e Prepare your selues, & be pure, absteine from all things whereby ye might be polluted, & so not able to come to the Tabernacle.

13 f According as he hathe appointed in the Lawe.

16 g These instruments & other ceremonies, which thei obserued, were instructions of their infancie, which continued to the comming of Christ.

16 ! The singers are chosen out among them.

20 i This was an instrument of musike, or a certeine tune, whereunto thei accustomed to sing Psalmes.

21 k Which was the eight tune ouer the which he that was moste excellent had charge.

22 l To wit, to appoint psalmes, & songs to them that sung.

26 n That is, gaue them strength to execute their office.

26 o Besides the bullocke and the fat beast, which Dauid offred at euery six pase, {2 Sam. 6,13}

29 ! Dauid dancing before it, is despised of wife Michal.

29 q It was so called because it put the Israelites in remembrance of the Lords couenent made with them.