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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 16

1 ! The Arke being placed, thei offer sacrifices.

2 a He called the Name of God desiring him to prosper the people, and giue good successe to their beginnings.

4 ! Dauid ordeineth Asaph and his brethren to minister before the Lord.

7 c Dauid gaue them this Psalme to praise the Lord, signifying that in all our enterprises the Name of God oght to be praised and called vpon.

8 ! He appointeth a notable Psalme to be sung in praise of the Lord.

8 d Whereof this is the chiefest that he hathe chosen him selfe a Church to call vpon his Name.

9 e Who of his wonderful prouidence hathe chosen a fewe of the stocke of Abraham to be his children.

12 f In ouercomming Pharaoh, which judgements were declared by Gods mouthe to Moses.

13 g Meaning hereby that the promes of adoption onely apperteineth to the Church.

18 / Ebr. coarde, whereby parcels of lands were measured.

19 h Meaning, from the time that Abraham entred, vnto the time, that Jaakob went into Egypt for famine.

22 l To whome God declared his worde, & thei declared it to their posteritie.

22 k Mine elect people & them whome I haue sanctified.

26 m His strong faith appeareth herein that thogh all the worlde follow idoles, yet he wolde cleaue to the liuing God.

30 n Humble your selues vnder the mightie hand of God.

31 o He exhorteth the dumme creatures to rejoyce with him in considering the greatnes of the grace of God.

35 q He estemeth this to be the chiefest felicitie of man.

36 r He willeth all the people bothe in heart and mouthe to consent to these praise.

43 t Declaring that after our duetie to God we are chiefly bounde to our owne house, for the which as for all other things, we oght to pray vnto God, and instruct our familes to praise his name.