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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 13

3 a His first care was to restore religion, which had in Sauls dayes bene corrupted & neglected.

5 b That is, from Gibea, where the inhapitants of Kiriath jearim had placed it in the house of Abinadab, {2 Sam. 6, 3}

7 ! The Arke is borght againe from Kiriathiearim to Jerusalem.

8 d That is, before the Arke where God shewed him selfe: so that the signe is taken for the thing signified, which is commune to all sacraments bothe in the olde & new testament.

9 e Called als Machon, {2 Sa. 6,6}

10 f Before the Arke for vsurping that which did not apperteine to his vocation: for this charge, was giuen to the Priests, {Nom. 4, 15}, so that here all good intentions are condemned, except thei be commanded by the worde of God.

13 g Who was a Leuite & called Gittite, because he had dwelt at Gath.