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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 12

1 ! Who they were that went with Dauid when he fled from Saul.

1 a To take his parte against Saul, who persecuted him.

2 b That is, of the tribe of Benjamin whereof Saul was, & wherein were excellent throwers with slings, {Judg. 20,16}

8 / Or, bukler.

15 d Which the Ebrewes called Nisan or Abib, conteining halfe Marche and halfe April, when Jorden was wonte to ouerflowe his bankes, read {Josh. 3,15}

18 e The spirit of boldenes and courage moued him to speake thus.

19 f They came onely to helpe Dauid & not to succour the Philistims, which were enemies to their countrey.

21 g To wit, of the Amalekites which had burned the citie Ziklag, {2 Sam. 30,9}

23 ! Thei that came vnto him vnto Hebron out of euerie tribe to make him King.

27 i Of the Leuites which came by descent of Aaron.

29 k That is, the greatest nomber toke Sauls parte.

32 l Men of good experience, whick knewe at all times what was to be done.

33 / Ebr heart and heart.

38 / Or, fight in their aray.

38 m So that his whole hoste were thre hundreth twentie & two thousand, two hundreth twenty & two.