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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 6

8 a Which was hie Priest after that Abiathar was deposed, according to the prophecie of Eli the Priest, {1 Sam. 2, 31}

10 b And did valiantly resist King Vzzah, who would haue vsurped the Priests office, {2 Chro. 26, 17}

10 ! The genealogie of the sonnes of Leui.

15 c That is, he was led into captiuitie with his father Seraiah the hie Priest, {2King. 25,18}

22 d Who semeth to be called Izhar, {Exod. 6, 21}

28 e Who is also called Joel, {1 Sam. 8,2} & the {33 verse} of this chapter.

31 f After it was broght to that place where the Temple shulde be built & was no more caryed to & fro.

31 ! Their ordre in the ministerie of the Tabernacle.

39 / Or, confid ???

48 i The Leuites are called the singers ??? brethren, because they came of the same stock.

48 k Read {Nomb 4,4}

54 l Or, cities which were giuen to the Leuites.

54 m Thei were first appointed, and prepared for.

55 n Which was also called, Kiriath-arba, {Gen. 23,2} {Josh. 21,11}

57 o That he that had killed a man might flee thereunto for succour til his cause were tryed, {Deu 19, 2}

61 r That is, thei gaue a protion to the Kohathites, which were the remnant of the tribe of Leui, out of the halfe tribe of Manasseh and out of Ephraim, {vers. 66}

70 / Or, Gath-rimmon.

71 s Who in the first verse is called also Gershon.

71 / Or, Beeshterah {Josh. 21,27}

76 / Or, Kartan, {Josh. 21,32}

77 / Or Katah, {Josh. 21,34}