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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 5

1 ! The birthright taken from Reuben and giuen to the sonnes of Joseph.

1 a Because thei were made two tribes, thei had a bouble portion.

2 b That is, he was the chiefest of all the tribes according to Jaakobs prophecie, {Gen. 49, 8} because Christ shulde come of him.

6 c To wit, in the time of Vziiah King of Israel, {2 Kings 15, 29}

8 d These places were beyonde Jorden to ward the East in the land giuen tothe Reubenites.

10 e The Ismaelites that came of Hagar Abrahams concubine.

16 f Bothe the hole countrey & one peculiar citie were called by this name Bashan.

19 g These twaine were the sonnes of Ismael, {Gene. 25, 13}.

20 h To wit, by the Lord, that gaue them the victorie.

22 i Meaning the captiuitie of the ten tribes vnder Tilgath-Pilneeser.

23 k Otherwise, called Baal-gad .

26 l Thus God stirred vp the wicked and vsed them, as instruments to execute his juste judgements against sinners, althogh they were led with malice & ambition.