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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 22

1 a Ben-hadad the King of Syria and Ahab made a peace, which indured thre yeres.

1 ! Jehoshaphat & Ahab fight against the King of Syria.

3 c The Kings of Syria kept Ramoth before this league was made by Ben-hadad: therefore he thoght not him selfe bounde thereby to restore it.

4 d I am read to joyne & go with thee, and all mine is at thy commandement.

5 e He semed that he wolde not go to the warre, except God approued it, yet when Michah counseled the contrarie, he wolde not obey.

6 f Meaning, the false prophetes, which were flatters & serued for lucre, whome Jezebel had assembled and kept after the death of those whome Elias slewe.

7 g Jehoshaphat did not acknowledge the false Prophetes to be Gods ministers, but did contemne them.

8 h Whereby we se that the wicked can not abide to heare the trueth but hate the Prophetes of God & molest them.

11 l The true Prophetes of God were accustomed to vse signes for the comfirmacion of their doctrine, {Isa. 20, 2). {jere 7,2}. Wherein the false Prophetes did imitate them, thinking whereby to make their doctrine more commendable.

13 m That is the commune argument of the wicked, who thinke that none shulde speake against a thing, if the greater parte approue it, be they neuer so vngodlie.

13 / Ebr mouthe.

15 ! Michaiah sheweth the King what shalbe the successe of their enterprise.

15 n He speaketh this in derision because the King attributed so muche to the false prophetes, meaning that by experience he shulde trye that thei were but flatteres.

17 o It is better thei returne home, then to be punished and scattered, because thei take warre in hand without Gods counsel & approbacion.

21 q Here we se that thogh they deuil be euer readie to bring vs to destruction yet he hathe no further power then God giueth him.

24 s Thus, the wicked wolde seme that none were in the fauour of God, but they, and that God hathe giuen his graces to none so muche as to them.

27 t Let him be pyned away that hungre & be fed with a smale portion of bread & water.

28 u That when ye shal se these things come to passe, ye nay giue God the glorie & knowe that I am his true Prophet.

34 / Or, in his simplicitie & ignorantly.

34 ! Ahab is slaine.

34 / Ebr. & betwene the brigandine.

43 a Meaning, that he was led with an error, thinking that they might stil sacrifice to the Lord in those places, aswel as thei did before the Temple was buylt.

47 b In the time of this King Idumea was subject to Judah & was gouerned, by whome thei of Judah appointed.

48 c By Tharshish the Scripture meaneth Cilicia & all the Sea called Mediterraneum.

48 d Josephus writeth that Ophir is in India, where the Egyptians & Arabians trffike for golde.