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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 21

1 ! Jesebel commandeth to kil Naboth, for the Vineyard, that he refused to sel to Ahab.

1 / Or, at this time.

2 a Thogh Ahabs tyrannie be condemned by the holy Spirit, yet he was not so rigorous that he wolde take from another man his right without ful recompence.

4 b Thus the wicked consider not what is just & lawful, but fret inwardely, when they can not haue their inordinate appetites satisfied.

7 c As thogh she said, Thou knowest not what it is to reigne, Commande, and intreat not.

7 / Ebr, let thine heart be mery.

9 d For then they vsed to inquire of mens fautes: for none cold fast truly that were notorious sinners.

11 e Thus the worldelings contrary to Gods commandment, who willeth not to consent to the sheding of innocent blood, obey rather the wicked commandements of princes then the just Lawes of God.

15 f This example of monstreos crueltie the holy Gost leaueth to vs to the intent that we shulde abhorre all tyrannie, and specially in them, whome nature & kinde shulde moue to be pitiful and inclined to mercie.

19 g Doest thou thinke to haue anie aduantage by murthering of an innocent?

19 h This was fulfilled in Joram his sonne, as {2Kin, 9,25}

19 ! Eliiah reproueth Ahab, and he repenteth.

25 i By the wicked counsel of his wife, he became a vile idolater and cruel murtherer, as one that gaue him selfe wholly to serue sinne.

27 k In token of mourning or as some read, barefooted.

27 / Ebr. his flesh.