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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 13

1 a That is a Prophet.

1 b Not that he was called Luz in Neniamin, but another of that name.

3 !By this signe ye shal knowe that the Lord hathe sent me.

4 d The wicked rage against the Prophetes of God, when they declare them Gods judements.

4 !His hand dryeth vp.

6 e Thogh the wicked humble themselves for a time, when they fele Gods judgements, yet after they returne to their olde malice & declare that they are but vile hypocrites.

9 f Seing he had the expresse worde of God, he oght not to haue declined there from, nether for the persuasion of man nor Angel.

15 g This he did of a simple minde, thinking it his duetie to declare friendship to a Prophet.

18 h His faute is here double: first in that that he suffreth not the Prophete to obey Gods expresse commandement: and next, that he faineth to haue a reuelacion to the contrary.

21 i God wolde reproue his foly by him, who was the occasion to bring him into error.

24 k By this feareful example, God setteth forthe, how dangerous a thing it is for men to behavue them selues coldely, or deceitfully in their charge whereunto God hathe called them.

28 l To declare that this was onely the iudgement of God: for if the lyon had done it for hungre, he wolde also haue deuoured the body.

33 n So the wicked profit not by Gods threatnings, but go backewarde & become worse and worse, {2 Tim. 3,13}

33 / Ebr. fil his hand.

33 ! The obstinacie of Jeroboam.