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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 11

1 ! Salomon hathe a thousand wiues and concubines, which bring him to idolatrie.

1 a Which were idolaters.

3 b To whome apperteined no dowry.

5 d Who was also called Molech {vers 7} read {2 King. 23,10}

7 e Thus the Scripture temeth, whatsoeuer man doeth reverence and serue as God

11 f That thou hast forsaken me & worshiped idoles.

13 g Because the tribes of Judah & Benjamin had their possessions mixed, thei are here taken as one tribe.

14 ! His God raiseth vp aduersaries against him.

14 h Of the King of Edoms stocke.

17 k Thus God reserued this idolater to be a scourge to punishe his peoples sinnes.

19 l God broght him to honour that his power might be more able to compasse his enterprises against Salomons house.

23 m When Dauid had discomfited Hadadezer & his armie.

24 n To wit, the men, whome he had gathered vnto him.

28 o He was ouer seer of Salomons workes for the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh.

30 p By these visible signes the Prophetes wolde more depely printe their message in their hearts, to whome thei were sent.

36 q He hathe respect vnto the Messiah, which shulde be the bright starre that shulde shine through all the worlde.

39 r For this idolatrie that Salomon hathe committed.

39 s For the whole spiritual kingdome was restored in Messiah.

41 t Which boke, as is thoght, was lost in their captiuitie.