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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 20

1 a Where the ten tribes contended against Judah.

1 b As thei of Judah say.

1 ! Sheba raiseth Israel against Dauid.

1 c He thoght by speaking contempteously of the King to stirre the people rather to sedicion.

4 e Who was his chief captaine in Joabs roume, {Chap. 19,13}

6 fEther them which had bene vnder Joab, or Dauids men.

8 g Which was his coat, that he vsed to weare in the warres.

10 / Ebr ??? not his stroke.

14 i Vnto the citie Abel, which was nere to Bethmaachah.

18 l She sheweth that the odle custome was not to destorie a citei, before peace was offred, {Deut, 20, 11}

21 n Hearing his faut tolde him, he gaue place to reason and required onely him that was autor of the treason.

22 / Ebr. thei were scatered.