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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 16

1 / Or, fig cakes.

2 b Communely there are no viler traitours then they, which vnder pretence of friendship accuse others.

5 c Which was a citie in the tribe of Beniamin.

7 / Ebr. man of Belial.

8 e Reproching him as thogh by his meanes Ishbosheth & Abner were slaine.

10 f Dauid felt that this was the judgement of God for his sinne, & therefore humbleth him selfe to his rod.

12 g Meaing, that the Lord wil send comfort to his when they are oppressed.

12 / Or, my teares.

16 / Let the King liue.

21 ! The counsel of Ahitholphel for the concubines.

21 k Suspecting the change of the kingdome, and so his owne ouerthrowe, he giueth suche counsel as might moste hindre his fathers reconcilation: and also declare to the people that Absalom was in hiest autoritie.

23 / It was so estemed for the successe thereof.