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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 15

1 a Which were as a garde to set forthe his estate.

2 b That is, noting of what citie or palce he was.

2 ! The practises of Absalom to aspire to the kingdome.

2 / Or, controuersie.

4 c Thus by slander, flatterie, and faire promises the wicked seke preferrement.

6 d by intising them from his father to him selfe.

7 e Counting from the time that the Israelites had asked a King of Samuel.

8 f BY offring a peace offring, which was lawful to do in anie place.

14 h Whose heart he sawe that Satan had so possessed, that he wolde leaue no mischief vnattempted.

14 ! Dauid and his flee.

17 i To wit, from Jerusalem.

18 k These were as the Kings garde, or as some write, his counselers.

19 / Who, as some write, was the Kings sonne of Gath.

20 n God requite thee thy friendship and fidelitie.

24 p Which was the charge of the Kohathites, {Nomb. 4,4}.

26 r The faithful in all their afflictions shewe them selues obedient to Gods wil.

31 t The counsel of the crafty worldelings doeth more harme then the open force of the enemie.

34 ! Hushai is sent to Absalom to discouer his counsel.

34 u Thogh Hushai dissembled here at the Kings requeste, yet may we not vse this example to excuse our dissimulacion.