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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 28

1 a Albeit it was a great grief to Dauid to fight against the people of God, yet suche was his infirmitie, he durst not deny him.

2 ! Dauid hathe the chief charge promised about Achish.

3 b According to the commandement of God, {Exod. 22,18} & {deut. 18,10}

8 (d0 He seketh not to God in his miserie, but is led by Satan to vnlawful meanes, which in his conscience he condemneth.

8 ! Saul consulteth with a witche, and she causeth him to speake with Samuel.

11 e He speaketh according to his grosse ignorance, not considering the state of the Saints after this life, and howe Satan hathe not power ouer them.

14 f To his imaginacion, albeit it was Satan, who to blinde his eyes toke vpon him the forme of Samuel, as he can do of an Angel of light.

17 g That is, to Dauid.

20 i The wicked, when they heare Gods judgements, tremble and dispaire, but can not seke for mercie by repentance.