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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 22

1 a Which was in the tribe of Judah and nere to Beth-lehem

2 / Or, captiane.

4 c For he feared the rage of Saul against his house.

4 d That is, in Mizpeh, which was a strong holde.

8 g Hereby he wolde persuade them that this conspiracie was moste horrible, where the sonne conspired against the father, and the seruant against his master.

11 h Which were the remant of the house of Eli, whose house God threatened to punishe.

15 i Haue I not at other times also, when he had great affaires, consulted with the Lord for him?

17 k For thei knewe that thei oght not to obey the wicked commandement of the King in slaying the innocentes.

17 / Or, fotemen.

20 l This was God prouidence, who according to his promes preserued some of the house of Eli, {Chap. 2,33}.

23 / Or, he that taketh thy life, shal take mine also.