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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 23

1 a Which was a citie in the tribe of Judah, {Josh. 15,44}.

3 b That is in the middes of Judah, muche more when we come to the borders against our enemies.

6 c By Gods prouidence the Ephod was preserued & kept with Dauid the true King.

6 / Ebr. in his hand.

13 ! Dauid departeth from Keilah, and remaineth in the wildernes of Ziph.

13 / Or, to & fro, as hauing no certeine place to go to.

14 e No power nor policie can preuaile against Gods children but when he appointeth the time.

14 / Or, strong places.

16 ! Jonathan comforteth Dauid.

17 f Jonathan assureth Dauid, that God wil accomplish his promes & that his farther stiueth against his owne conscience.

23 h In your countrey of Ziph, which is in Judah.

25 i Which was also in the tribe of Judah {Josh. 15,55}

27 k Thus, the Lord can put backe the bridel of the tyrants, & deliuer his out of the lions mouthe.

28 ! Sauls enterprise is broken in pursuing Dauid