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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 2

1 ! The song of Hannah.

1 b I haue recuered strength & glorie by the benefite of the Lord.

1 a After that she had obteined a sonne by prayer, she gaue thankes.

3 d In that ye condemne my barennes, ye shewe your pride against God.

5 / Or, many.

8 f He preferreth to honour and putteth downe according to his owne wil, thogh mans judgement be contrary.

8 g Therefore he may dispose all things according to his wil.

10 h She grounded her prayer on Jesus Christ which was to come.

12 ! The sonnes of Eli, wicked.

13 ! The newe custome of the Priests.

14 l Transgressing the ordre appointed in the Lawe, {Leui. 7,31}, for their bellies sake.

15 m Which was commanded first to haue bene offred to God.

16 n Not passing for their owne profite so that God might be serued aright.

20 / Or, for the thing that she hathe ??? to the Lord: to wit, Samuel.

22 p Which was (as the Ebrewes write) after their trauel, when they came to be purifed, read {Exod. 38, 8}, {Leu. 12,6}.

24 q Because they contemne their duetie to God, {vers. 17}.

25 r So that to obey good admonitions is Gods mercie, & to disobey them, as his just judgement for sinnne.

27 ! God sendeth a Prophet to Eli.

29 t Why haue you contemned my sacrifices, and as it were trod them vnder fete.

30 u Gods promises are onely effectual to suche as he giueth constancie vnto, to feare and obey him.

31 ! Eli is menaced for not chastising his children.

32 y Thy posteritie shal se the glorie of the chief Priest translated in another, whome they shal enuie, {1 King. 2,27}.

35 z Meaning, Zadok, who succeded Abiathar, and was the figure of Christ.