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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 1

1 a There were two Ramaths, so that in this citie in mount Ephraim were Zophim: that is, the learned men and Prophets.

1 ! The genealogie of Elkanah father of Samuel.

5 c Some read, aporcion with an heauy chere.

8 d Let this suffice thee, that I loue thee no lesse, then if you hadest many children.

15 / Ebr. thy wise.

15 / Ebr of an hard spirit.

21 h This Elkanah was a Leuite, {1 Chro. 6,27} and as some write, once a yere thei accustomed to appeare before the Lord, with their families.

23 i Because her praier toke effect, therefore it was called the Lords promes.

24 ! She doeth dedicate him to the Lord.

28 l Meaning, Eli gaue thankes to God for her.