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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 13

1 ! Israel for their wickednes is oppressed of the Philistims.

2 a Signifying that their deliuerance came onely of God & not by mans power.

5 b Meaning, he shulde be seperate from the worldd and dedicate to God.

6 c If flesh by not able to abide the sight of an Angel, how much less the presence of God?

8 d He sheweth him selfe ready to obey Gods wil, and therefore desireth to knowe farther.

10 e It semeth that the Angel appeared vnto her twise in one day.

11 f He calleth him man because he so semed, but he was Christ the eternal worde, which at his time appointed became man.

16 h Shewing that he soght not his owne honor, but Gods, whose messenger he was.

16 ! The Angel commandeth him to sacrifice vnto the Lord.

19 i God sent fire from heauen to consume their sacrifice, to confirme their faith in his promes.

23 k These graces that we haue receiued of God & his accepting of our obedience, are sure tokens of his loue toward vs, so that nothing can hurt vs.