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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 9

1 a To practise with his kinfolkes for the atteining of the kingdome.

1 ! Abimelech vsurpeth the kingdome and putteth his brethern to death.

5 c Thus tyrants to establishe their vsurped power spare not the innoncent blood, {1King. 10,7, 2 Chro. 21,4}.

6 d Which was as the towne house or commun hal which he calleth the towre of Shechem, {vers. 49}.

8 e By this parable he declareth that those that are not ambitious are moste worthy of honour, and that the ambitous abuse their honour bothe to their owne destruction and others.

15 f Abimelech shal destroye the nobles of Shechem.

19 g That he is your King, and you his subjectes.

23 h Because the people consented with the King in sheding innocent blood: therefore God destroyeth bothe the one & the other.

23 ! Hatred betwene Abimelech & the Shechemites.

26 ! Gaal conspireth against him, and is ouercome.

27 i Before they were afrayd of Abimelechs power, & durst not go out of the citie.

29 k Braggingly as thogh he had bene present, or to his captaine Zebul.

33 / Ebr. what thine hand can finde.

37 / Or, charmers.

45 o That it shulde be vnfruteful and neuer serue to anie vse.

49 q Meaning, that all were destroyed, aswel thei in the towre as the other.

54 r Thus God by suche miserable death taketh vengeance on tyrants euen in this life.