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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 8

1 a They began to cauil, because he had the glorie of the victorie.

2 b Which haue slaine two princes, Oreb and Zeeb.

2 c This last act of the whole tribe is more famous then the whole enterprise of one man of one familie.

6 e Because thou hast ouercome an handful, thinkest thou to haue ouercome the whole.

11 h He went by the wildernes where the Arabians dwelt in tentes.

16 ! He reuengeth him selfe on them of Succoth and Penuel.

16 / Ebr. brake into pieces as one thresheth corne.

19 k We came all out of one belly: therefore I wil be reuenged.

21 l Meaning that they wolde be rid out of their paine at once, or els to haue a valiant man to put them to death.

23 n His intent was to shewe him selfe thankful for this victorie by restoring of religion, which because it was not according as God had commanded, turned to their destruction.

27 ! He maketh an Ephod which was the cause of idolatrie.

27 o That is, suche things as perteined to the vse of the tabernacle.

30 / Ebr. which came out of his thigh.

32 p Which citie belonged to the familie of the Ezrites.

33 q That is, Baal, to whome they had bounde themselues by couenant.

35 r They were vnmindeful of God, and vnkind toward him, by whome they had receyued so great a benefit.