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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 32

1 ! The song of Moses conteining Gods benefites toward the people.

1 a As witnesses of this peoples ingratitude.

2 b He desireth that he may speake to Gods glorie, & that the people, as the grene grasse, may receiue the dewe of his doctrine.

4 c The Ebrewe worde is rocke: noting that God onely is mightie, faithful, and constant in his promes.

6 d Not according to the commune creacion, but by a new creature by his Spirit.

8 e When God by his prouidence deuided the worlde, he lent for a time that portion to the Canaanites, which shulde after be an inheritance for all his people Israel.

13 g Meaning of the land of Canaan, which was hie in respect of Egypt.

13 h That is, abundance of all things euen in the very rockes.

15 i He sheweth what is the principal end of our vocacion.

15 ! And their ingratitude toward him.

16 k By changing his seruice for their superstitions.

17 l Scripture calleth newe, whatsoeuer man inventeth, be the error neuer so olde.

19 m He calleth them Gods children, not to honour them, but to shewe them from what diginitie they are fallen.

21 ! And speaketh of the vocation of the Gentiles.

21 n Which I haue not fauored, nor giuen my Lawes vnto them.

25 o they shalbe slaine bothe in the field & at home.

27 p Rejoycing to se the godly afflicted, & attributing that to them selues which is wroght by Gods hand.

29 q They wolde consider the felicitie, that was prepared for them, if they had obeyed God.

33 r The frutes of the wicked are as poyson, detestable to God and dangerous for man.

36 s When nether strong nor weake in a maner remaine.

36 / Or, change his minde.

43 u Whether the blood of Gods people be shed for their sinnes, or trial of their faith, he promiseth to reuenge it.

46 ! Moses commandeth to teache the Lawe to the children.

47 x For I wil performe my promes vnto you, {Isa. 55,10}.

51 y Ye were not ernest and constant to mainteine mine honour.

51 / Or of strife.