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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 31

1 ! Moses preparing him selfe to dye, appointeth Joshua to rule the people.

7 c For he that must gouerne the people, hathe nede to be valiant to represse vice, and constant to mainteine verture.

8 d Signifying that man can neuer be of good courage, except he be persuaded of Gods fauor & assistance.

9 ! He giueth the Law to the Leuites, that they shulde read it to the people.

11 e Before the Arke of the couenant, which was the signe of Gods presence, & the figure of Christ.

13 f Which were not borne when the Lawe was giuen.

15 g In a cloude that was facioned like a piller.

17 h That is, I wil take my fauour from them as to turne his face towarde vs, is to shewe vs his fauour.

19 i To preserue you and your children from idolatrie, by remembring Gods benefites.

19 ! God giueth them a song as a witnes betwene him & them.

20 k For this is the nature of flesh, no longer to obey God, then it is vnder the rod.

21 l That these euils are come vpon them, because they forsoke me.

26 m Of thine infidelitie, when you shalt turne away from the doctrine conteined therein.

29 o By idolatrie, worshiping images, which are the worke of your hands.

29 ! Moses sheweth them that they wil rebel after his death.