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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 33

1 ! Moses before his death blesseth all the tribes of Israel.

1 a This blessing conteineth not onely a simple prayer, but an assurance of the effect thereof.

1 b Meaning, infinit Angels.

3 c Ebr. his Saintes, that is, the children of Israel.

5 / Or, Moses.

6 f Reuben shalbe one of the tribes of Gods people, thogh for his sinne his honour be dimished & his familie but smale.

7 g Signifying that he shulde be hardely obteine Jaakobs promes, {Gen. 49,8}.

9 h He preferred Gods glorie to all natural affection, {Exod. 32,29}.

11 i He declared that the ministers of God haue manie enemies, & therefore haue nede to be prayed for.

12 k Because the temple shulde be buylt in Zion, which was in the tribe of Benjamin, he sheweth that God shulde dwel with him there.

16 l Which was, God appearing vnto Moses, {Exod. 3,2}.

18 m In thy prosperous viages vpon the sea, {Gen. 49,13}

19 n The tribe of Zebulun.

21 o So that the portion of the Gadites, and others on this side of Jorden was Gods thogh it was not so knowen.

25 q Thou shalt be strong, or thy countrey ful of metal. It semeth that Simon is left out because he was vnder Judah, & his porcion of his inheritance, {Josh. 19,9}.

26 ! There is no God like to the God of Israel.

28 s Thine enemies for feare shal lie & fain to be in subjection.

28 r Who was plentiful in issue as a founteine.