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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 24

1 a Hereby God approueth not that light diuorcement, but permitteth it to auoide further inconuienence. {Matt. 19,7}.

1 ! Diuorcement is permitted.

4 b Seing that by dimitting her, he judged her to be vncleane and defiled.

5 c That they might learne to knowe one anothers conditions and so afterward liue in godly peace.

5 ! He that is newly married is exempted from warre.

6 d Nor anie thing, whereby a man getteth his liuing.

10 e As thogh you woldest appoint what to haue, but shalt receiue what he may spare.

13 f Thogh he wolde be vnthankeful, yet God wil not forget it.

16 ! The good must not be punished for the bad.

17 g Because the world did least esteme these sortes of people, therefore God has moste care ouer them.

17 ! Take care of the stanger, fatherles and widowe.

22 h God judged them not mindeful of his benefite, except they were beneficial vnto others.