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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 23

1 ! What men might not be admitted to office.

2 b This was to cause them to liue chastely, that their posteritie might not be rejected.

4 c Hereby he condemneth all, that further not the children of God in their vocation.

8 e If the fathers haue renounced their idolatrie, and receiued circumcision.

9 ! What they oght to auoide when they go to warre.

13 g Meaning hereby that his people shulde be pure bothe in soule and body.

15 h This is meant of the heathen, who fled for their masters crueltie and imbraced the true religion.

18 i Forbidding hereby that anie gaine gotten of euil things, shulde be applied to the seruice of God, {Mic. 1,7}.

20 k This was permitted for a time for the hardenes of their heart.

20 l If thou shewe thy charitie to thy brother, God wil declare his loue toward thee.

24 o To bring home to thine house.

24 n Being hired for to labour.