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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 20

1 ! The exhortacion of the Priest when the Israelites go to battel.

1 a Meaning vpon juste occasion: for God permitteth not his people to fight when it semeth good to them.

4 b Is present to defend you with his grace and power.

5 c For when thei entred first to dwel in an house, they gaue thenkes to God, acknowledging that they had that benefit by his grace.

5 ! The exhortacion of the officers shewing who shulde go to battel.

6 d The Ebrewe worde signifieth to make commune or profane, {Leu. 19:25}.

10 ! Peace must first be proclaimed.

15 f For god had appointed that the Canaanites shulde be destroyed, & made the Israelites executors of his wil. {Chap. 7,1}.

19 g Some read, For man shalbe in steade of the tre of the field, to come out in the siege against thee.

19 ! The trees that beare frute, must not be destroyed.