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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 21

1 a This Lawe declareth how horrible a thing murther is, seing that for one man a whole countrey shalbe punished, except a remedy be founde.

4 b That the blood shed of the innocent beast in a solatarie place might make them abhor fact.

4 / Or, rough.

8 c This was the prayer, which the Priests made in the audience of the people.

12 d Signifyng that her former life must be changed before they colde by joyened to the people of God.

13 f This onely was permitted in the warres: otherwise the Israelites colde not mary strangers.

15 g This declareth that the pluralitie of wiues came of a corrupt affection.

15 ! The birthright can not be changed for affection.

17 i Except he be vnworthy, as was Reuben Jaakobs sonne.

18 k For it is the mothers duetie also to instruct her children.

21 l Which deathe was also appointed for blasphemers and idolaters: for that to disobey parents is moste horrible.

23 m For Gods Lawe by his deathe is satisfied, and nature abhorreth crueltie.

23 ! The bodie may not hang all night.