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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 31

3 a As he had commanded, {Chap. 25,17}: declaring also that the injurie done against his people is done against him.

6 b For his great Zeale that he bare to the Lord, {Chap. 25,13}.

8 c The false prophet who gaue counsel how to cause the Israelites to offend their God.

15 e As thogh he said, Ye oght to haue spared none.

23 h The thirde daie, & before it be molten.

27 / The praie is first deuided equally among all.

30 l The Israelites which had not bene at warre, of euerie fiftieth paied one to the Lord: & the soldiers, one of euerie fiue hundreth.

37 m This is the porcion that the soldiers gaue to the Lord.

40 n Meaning of the maides, or virgines which had not companied with men.

42 o Of that part which was giuen vnto them, in deuiding the spoile.

49 / Ebr. vnder our bands.

50 q The captaines by this fre offring acknowledge the great benefit of God in preseruing his people.

54 s That the Lord might remember the children of Israel.