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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 4

3 a The Leuites were nombered after thre sorts: first at a monethe olde when they were consecrated to the Lord, next at 25 yeres olde when they were appointed to seruice in the Tabernacle, and at thirtie yeres olde to beare the burden of the Tabernacle.

5 ! The offices of the Leuites, when the hoste remoued.

5 b Which diuided the Sanctuarie from the Holiest of all.

6 c That is, put them vpon their shulders to carrie it: for the barres of the Arke colde neuer be remoued, {Exod. 25,15}.

10 e The Ebrewe worde signifieth an instrument made of two staues or barres.

11 f Which was to burne incense: read {Exod. 30:1}.

15 h That is, in folding vp the things of the Sanctuarie, as the Arke, &c.

15 i Before it be couered.

18 l Committing by your negligence that the holy things be not wel wrapped, and so they by touching thereof perish.

20 p Which courte compassed bothe the Tabernacle of the congregacion & the altar of burnt offring.

23 n Which were receiued into the companie of them that ministred in the Tabernacle of the congregacion.

25 o Which vaile hanged betwene the Sanctuarie and the courte.

32 r Ye shal make an inventorie of all the things, which ye commit to their charge.

37 s God appointing Moses to be the minister & exercutor thereof.

41 t Which were of competent age to serue therein, that is, betwene 30 and 50.

46 ! The nomber of the thre families of Kohath, Gershon and Merari.

47 u Whosoeuer of the Leuites that had anie maner of charge in the Tabernacle.

49 x So that Moses nether added nor diminished from that which the Lord commanded him.