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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 3

4 c Whiles their father liued.

6 d Offer them vnto Aaron for the vse of the Tabernacle.

7 e Which apperteined to the executing of the hie Priests commandement, to the ouer sight of the people, & to the seruice of the Tabernacle.

9 f Aarons sonnes the Priests serued in the Sanctuarie in praying for the people & offring sacrifice: the Leuites serued for the inferior vses of the same.

10 g Nnie that wolde minister, not being a Leuite.

12 ! Why the Lord separated the Leuites for him selfe.

25 i Their charge was to carry the couerings & hangings of the Tabernacle.

28 k Doing euerie one his dutie in the Sanctuarie.

31 l The chief things within the Sanctuarie were committed to the Kohathites.

36 m The woodworke & the rest of the instruments were committed to their charge.

38 n That none shulde entre into the Tabernacle contrarie to Gods appointment.

39 o So that the firstborne of the children of Israel were more by 273.

40 ! The firstborne of Israel is redemed by the Leuites.

41 p So that now the Leuites shulde sacrifice vnto the Lord for the first borne of Israel saue for the 273 which were mo then the Leuites, for whome they payed money.

50 q of the two hundreth seuentie & thre, which were more then the Leuites.