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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 1

0 & THE FIGVRE OF THE TABERNACLE ERECTED, AND OF THE TENTES PITCHED ROVNDE ABOVT IT. A B The length of the count, of an hundreth cubites on the Southe side, which in this figure is called midi: in the which space were twentie pillers of fiue cubites high to the which were tired the curtaines, to shut and close vp the court: the North side called Septentrion was all alike. C D The Westside called Occident, was fiftie cubites broad, wherein were ten pillers of like height with the other, whereunto were fastened the curtaines to close that side. The Eastside also called Orient was fiftie cubites broad. AB. Thus the court was fiftie cubites longer then it was broad. Thei entred into the court on the Eastside and before the gate was an hanging of twentie cubites long. F G fastened on foure pillers, and on the sides thereof to make it close, were curtaines of fiftene cubites long. E F & G H, which on euerie side were fastened on thr pillers, as this figure sufficiently declareth.

1 a In that place of the wildernes that was nere to mount Sinai.

1 b Which conteineth parte of April & parte of Maie.

2 ! Moses and Aaron with the twelue princes of the tribes are commanded of the Lord to nomber them that are able to go to warre.

2 / Ebr. by their heades.

18 f In shewing euerie man his tribe & his ancestors.

20 / These are the name of the twelue tribes, as first of Reuben.

20 / Or as were able to beare weapons.

47 g Which were warriers, but were appointed to the vse of the Tabernacle.

49 ! The Leuites are exempted for the seruice of the Lord.

53 i By not hauing due regard to the Tabernacle of the Lord.