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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 23

2 / Or, convocations.

3 / Or, assemblie.

3 / Or, ye may worke.

4 a For the Sabbath was kept euerie weke, & these other were but kept once euerie yere.

7 b Or bodelie labour, saue about that which one muste eat, {Exod. 12,16}.

8 c The first day of the feast and the seuenth were kept holy: in the rest thei might worke, except anie feast were intermedeled, as the feast of vnleauened bread the fiftenth day, and the feast of sheaues the sixtenth day.

10 / Or, an omer: read {Deut. 24,39, ruth 2,15, psal 129,7}.

10 ! The feast of first frutes.

11 d That is, the seconde Sabbath of the passeouer.

13 e Which is the fift parte of an Ephah, or two omers: read {Exod. 16,16}.

15 g That is, the seuenth day after the first Sabbath of the Passeouer.

15 / Or, weekes.

17 h Because the Priest shulde eat them, as {chap. 7,13}, and they shulde not be offred to the Lord vpon the altar.

20 i That is, offred to the Lord, and the rest shulde be for the Priests.

24 m Which blowing was to put them in remembrance of the manifolde feasts that were in the monethe, and of the Jubile.

24 ! The feast of blowing trompets.

24 l Or, an holyday to the Lord.

32 o Which conteineth a night and a day, yet thei toke it for their natural day.

32 / Ebr. rest your Sabbath.

36 p Or a day wherein the people are stayed from all worke.

43 s In the wildernes, forasmuche as thei wolde not credit Joshua and Caleb, when thei returned from spying the land of Canaan.